The Terror of Pennywise Returns on IT: Chapter Two

Prepare yourself for the return of Pennywise’s terror on the movie IT: Chapter Two.

Warner Bros Pictures studios officially released a teaser from the film IT: Chapter Two, on May 10th. The trailer shows a strange, spooky atmosphere from the sequel to the last IT movie.
IT: Chapter Two will tell the return of The Losers’ Club to Derry City, 30 years after the incident in the first IT movie. They returned after a number of terrors have happened, even though Pennywise was defeated at the end of the first IT movie.
Memories of terrors returned to haunt the Derry, especially for Bill Denbrough, who will be portrayed by James McAvoy, who had lost his younger brother who is still kidnapped by Pennywise in the rain that happened also in the first movie.
IT: Chapter Two will air in the theaters on September 2, 2019. While looking forward to the release date, see firsthand the cool horror threats from the film teaser trailer by director Andy Muschietti.

Writer: Dela Naufalia Fitriani
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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