The Cat-Eye Trend that is Back on Track

The cat-eye trend has been going back on forth as the it trend, and now it’s coming back with the newest version of the cat-eye look.

Some say makeup is one of the ways to express arts on the face, as it enhances someone’s appearance but it also engrosses the looks with the uniqueness of it. Lately, the cat-eye look is paving its way back to its throne and becomes the look that many celebrities fall back to—it’s simple, easy, and yet it uncovers a whole brand new look at one snap.
Here are  a list of A-class celebrities who popped the famous cat-eye looks:
Camilla Mendes
Veronica Lodge on Riverdale aka Camilla Mendes appeared beautiful on the 2019 Met Gala’s red carpet with her blue cat’s eye make up by Beau Nelson.
Selena Gomez

Instead of using black eyeliner, Selly aka Selena Gomez chose dark blue eyeshadow for her cat’s eyes. It’s sharp and pops her eyes just the right way.
Lupita Nyong’O

The wings do not have to be formed from the upper part of the eye, as is done by the beautiful girl who participated in enlivening the Black Panther film, Lupita Nyong’O.
Source: Okezone

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