The Meaning Behind Your PDA

Actions speak louder than words, as the saying goes, the form of affections that you and your partner do definitely hold bigger meaning than how they’re showed.

PDA or Public Display Affections is a form of showing your feelings for one another through physical touches in public. Many see it as something unnecessary or even uncomfortable sight to see, but if you happened to be the one doing PDA, do you know the meaning behind every single touches of your PDA?

  • Hand-holding or Linking Arms
This may looks a simple gesture that you often do, but this simple touch speaks thousands of unspoken words between each other. Holding hands or linking arms show the secure feeling between partners and it also shows the feeling of possessiveness depending on the situation.
  • Fixing Each Other’s Appearances
This loving gesture have double meanings to it, it shows your partner’s affection to you as they want to take care of you, but it also can be translated as a display of self-conscious in public.
  • Gentle Squeezes
Gentle massages or squeezes indicating the couple’s rhymes in each other’s feelings and needs. These little touches showing that your partner could see your emotions without any words needed and like to put you in ease.
  • Carrying Your Partner’s Belongings
Carrying your partner’s belongings is a metaphor of showing your respect and thought for your partners—definitely a way to give some supports and care for your loved one’s wellbeing.
  • Opening Doors
This classic form of gesture actually says about wanting to make your partner feel loved, cared, and respected. They want to make sure that you feel comfort and protected. This takes another level of maturity to be performed though.
So which one is your key-touch?
Source: Elitedaily, livestrong, bustle, thespruce
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim


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