The Most-Followed Princess from Thailand, Lalisa Manoban

The super talented Lisa from Blackpink has gathered so many attentions from fans all over the world.

The main dancer from the four members girlgroup under YG Entertainment, Lalisa Manoban has now been followed by 13,8 million people on Instagram which made her the most followed female celebrity in Korea.

Coming to Korea at such a young age made Lisa worked twice harder than anybody else during her training days, and as she’s now crowned as the female celebrity with the most followers in 2019 – made the fans feeling super proud of her. Lisa created her Instagram back in June 2018, along with her other three members, Jennie, Jisoo, and Rose which also followed by more than eight million people. Aren’t y’all proud of the girls, Blinks?
Source: Global Radio

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