The Pallas Presents: TELEPOPMUSIK

Releasing stress after a hectic work day is always a must for office dwellers, especially in Jakarta.

On Thursday night of June 20th, The Pallas, SCBD Jakarta presented a mini event with a spectacular lineup followed by the main act of the night, TELEPOPMUSIK. Being the main act, their elegant sound is known for firmly ingrained in the public’s subconscious through their hit singles, sold-out tours and clever sound-tracking on many high-profile advertising campaigns. A spectacular DJ Performance by these French electronic music trio was unforgettable for the night, indeed.

The other lineup includes ALLIN’s finest residents, DJ JACKY, DJ JIGGY, DJ AKHDAN, and DJ GOESLAN. To live up the mood even more, they featured MC GALLY and VJ KALEIDOSCOPE as hosts to entertain the party goers. Additionally, ticket holders got free drinks on their first order. The night went fast surrounded by fellow electro music lovers in the venue.


Photographer: Ganang Arfiadi
Writer: Dela Naufalia Fitriani
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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