The Pancake Co. By DORÉ Presents the Taste of Japanese Soufflé Pancakes in Jakarta

Introducing the newest hype in town, Japanese Soufflé Pancake spoils the tongues of dessert lovers in Jakarta.

After successfully opening retail cheesecake stores at five well-known malls in Jakarta, today DORÉ by LeTAO – sister brand of LeTAO, one of the best-selling bakery cheesecake stores in Japan, launched The Pancake Co.

Pancakes may be familiar to the people of Jakarta. However, this is not the case for soufflé pancakes. This soufflé pancake at a quick glance would look like a classic pancake on general. However, it has a softer and fluffier texture with standard recipes brought directly from LeTAO Japan.

When we asked Ricky Kono, the CEO of DORÉ by LeTAO, about what makes this soufflé pancake different from any other pancakes he said, “Ours is less dense and a lot thicker, so we have more unique flavor and unique texture. Even the maple syrup is also special and different; we don’t choose randomly but we choose the best one that we can find. So the maple syrup completes the unique flavor of the pancake. And you’ll see that the mixture is something that you would probably never experience before.”

Located in Plaza Senayan, The Pancake Co. brought a very Japanese pretty décor with pastel colors and neon lights to the whole café concept which attracts millennial to visit and to beautify their Instagram feeds. Apart from that, visitors can see the pancake making process from open kitchen. Their whole concept has the purpose to bring happiness to whoever visits the place, “Through our visuals and designs, we want to make you happier than before you come here,” Ricky said.

Not only serving pancakes, they also serve coffee and some main courses with Japanese touch in them. The soufflé pancake variant offered by The Pancake Co. is also quite diverse. There are variants original, choco banana, choco berry, fruit berry, and several seasonal variants released for certain moments. With prices starting from 88K IDR to 95K IDR people can taste the delicious and fluffy variant of the Japanese pancake soufflé at the Pancake Co.
Writer: Dela Naufalia Fitriani
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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