The Perfect Scent – Let’s Choose Your Perfect Perfume Based on Zodiac

Perfume is that magic spray you use to enhance you, smell-wise and give those who smell it get a hint of who you are. From all these perfumes in this world, you might need a little help finding your signature fragrance. No worries dear, we hear you.

Strong and confident soul will need the same powerful perfume. A notes of amber or wood maybe, bold but approachable.
Lanvin Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle Woman 90ML
Flower, such as rose, is really ideal for you. A little spice and light woodsy scents may be enticing to you.
Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne
You have a diverse interests and constantly changing. A complex and layered fragrance, one that changes as it wears down, will suit you just nice.
Chloe Love Story Woman

Emotionally intelligent, compassionate and sentimental perfectly describe you, with a warm, musky fragrance and a notes of black current and jasmine accord, it will shoot you up to the moon.

Leos are bold and ambitious. A garden of assorted flowers such as tuberose, jasmine, and Rangoon creeper will give you a celebration of the vitality and diversity of women.
Gucci Bloom Woman 100ML

You know you are perfectionist and love to investigate new beauty ideas. Light fragrances with floral undertone such as Lily of the Valley for day and warm, sensual scent of Sandalwood for night.
Anna Sui Romantica Woman
Classic florals, something light and elegant is what you would love. You use different fragrance for different occasion so you can definitely have many.
Marc Jacobs Daisy

Perfume for a Scorpio would be a light, haunting musk. It would include Hollyhock, Geranium, Eucalyptus and there are many varieties to choose from.
Narciso Rodriguez

You do love flowers too such as wild pink, Dandelion, Sweet William but you also love a woodsy, citrus and sensual smell. Spices such as cinnamon, curry, also citron can be a go for you too.
Prada Candy Sugar Pop Woman
Mature and level-headed, you would want a charismatic smell, smokier perfume and a timeless smell such as Musks that also create a memorable scent.
Le Labo Tonka 25
Aquarius are progressive and imaginative. An ideal perfume for a creative soul that would be inspired by a journey to a mysterious place far away, you would love fresh rose petals, white amber and spicy pink pepper.
Valentino Valentina Blush Woman
Since you are romantic at heart, you would need a approachable and strong scent. A floral perfume with sensuous scent.
Jean Paul Gaultier Woman EDP


Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim


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