The Tale of Netflix’s Lawsuit Cases

Are you a fans of Black Mirror? Have you watched the sensational ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ episode, Bandersnatch?

Recently,  Chooseco accuses Netflix for willfully infringing the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ trademark and claiming the episode is so dark it will tarnish the books’ reputation. The film’s dark and at times, disturbing content, dilutes the goodwill and positive associations with Chooseco’s products.They think that Bandersnatch’s cold and dark plays, which include the depictions of a demonic presence, violent fighting, drug use, murder, mutilation of a corpse, decapitation and other upsetting imaginary contrasted with their interactive novel.

Netflix is actually pursuing the license in the beginning of 2016 but did not receive one.  In fact according to Chooseco, 20th Century Fox indeed have the option contract to develop a series based on the books.

Chooseco is asking for damages at least $25 million. Flashing back few months ago, the streaming video company was accused and settled a similar lawsuit with the Satanic Temple. They actually accused Netflix for copying their Baphomet design on original series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.
In this modern era, nothing is truly original anymore. Everything is ‘been there done that’, and the difference is created by who has the more power to put it out there first. What do you think?
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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