#Throwback: Duo Travellers Advina and Japra

Fajar Tri Wahyudi and Advina Ratnaningsih are travel mate who constantly discover new places. Goes by the Instagram handle of @thejapra and @advinadvina, the two often shared panoramic pictures in their Instagram. Follow their stories as Letter F chat with these two travellers!

vina japra for bomagz8 Japra, or Fajar Tri Wahyudi, is a trainer at one of the supplement company from USA and his works require him to travel all around Indonesia at least 2-3 weeks per month. He mostly spent his time at the airport and basically just stayed only for one or two weeks in Jakarta. Meanwhile, Advina is a professional model who splits her time between being a model and a traveler. Beside walking for fashion weeks and doing editorial photoshoots, Vina found out that travelling easily completes her soul.

While Japra dedicates himself to help people through the company he’s working in, Vina’s big heart led her to join charity to help children in need at provinces. She even flew to East Nusa Tenggara and built a children school with her friends.

vina japra for bomagz6

You both really like to travel a lot. We are kinda curious, do you still remember your first trip?

Japra: “Yes, how can I forget it.”

“My first journey was around 15 years ago when I was a college student. I did a solo travel to Singapore as a backpacker, afterwards I crave traveling some more. So here I am, loving every bit of travelling. And my last trip was last November, I took a Europe trip for two and a half week.”

Advina: “I love travelling since I was young. My parents took me to Papua when I was still two years old and lived there for a while. When I was in middle school, I visited my sibling who studied in Jogjakarta. I went there alone, but my first actual travel was when Adjie Notonegoro asked me to join his show in Madrid, Spain. It was like a turning point for me as a traveller. Just like the first time I flew to Malaysia with my own money to visit my friend there.”

vina japra for feb bomagz2

Spending most of your time in other cities and countries, you must have had many new insights or new perspectives.

Japra: “I like taking a lot of pictures. I like beautiful things like landscape, architecture, to human interaction. Basically when I went abroad or other places, it enriches my knowledge and widens my perspective. And it makes me to appreciate and love my homeland even more, and I realize that our country is very beautiful. Overseas are nice, but I can’t stand the freezing weather. Though I’ve visited Paris, Prague, and the Netherlands, I still think that Indonesia is still more beautiful.”


“Travelling is my escapism, I feel that happiness fills my heart whenever I go to somewhere beautiful. It’s like I discover new mindset and experience. With travelling, I can always open my mind and learn something new in every journey.”

Where is your favorite place in the country?

Japra: “I’ve been living in Labuan Bajo in West Flores for three months. The place is really nice, although the city is very small. The pink beach, Komodo Island, and so many hidden islands there and I can’t wait to go back to there again in the future.”

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Advina: “Definitely Sumba. The place is anti-mainstream and I didn’t find a lot of tourists which is a good thing. And the nature is still untouched, no polution or garbage. My favorite place abroad is New Zealand. I love the country a lot! They have everything that I enjoy in life; beach, mountain, lake, hill, all those in one package.”

Which one do you like better: beach or mountain or city landscape?

Japra: “I love the beach. Last time, Vina and I went to Rinjani mountain in 2014. It was my first time to reach the mountain’s summit. The feeling was indescribable, but most of the time I would prefer the beach.”

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Share us how do you prepare yourself whenever you want to go travelling?

Japra: “My camera, including the battery and the charger, because sometimes you have to catch moments that happen in the blink of an eye. Though I carry my phone with me, a camera is better in capturing the best moments.”

Advina: “I’m a spontaneous kind of traveller. I don’t really do a preparation and sort of things like that. Unless I have something to do there, maybe I would prepare more. But the thing about unplanned travels is that it will usually cost a lot since you do everything in last minute.”

vina japra for bomagz5 Ever did a budget trip?

Japra: “Tons of times! (Laughs) I plan to go to Sangiang Island, which is situated in Sunda Strait, near the Krakatau mountain. I became aware of the place through the travelling community, because we share stories and experiences for new places to explore.”

“Some tips: make sure to research the place you’re about to visit, learn about the place, plan your to-do list, which venues you’d like to visit, and of course to prepare your budget. But one thing to remember is always be nice to the locals because they always know which places worth visiting.

“When I went to Euro trip, it was a budget trip. Having friends abroad helps you a lot to press your budget. Food wise, try the street food.”

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Advina: “Most of the times! Of course with Fajar. And we explored both Indonesia as well as the neighboring countries in South East Asia. We did 10 days trip to Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore and Malaysia. We also went Umrah together to Mecca. For me, budget trip is exciting. You don’t have to spend much money, yet you always have new insight to tell afterwards.”

Besides travelling, do you have another interest?

Japra: “I love teaching, that’s why I am now a trainer. Let’s say people want to learn about photography, then I would share things I know to them.”

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Advina: “Nowadays I want to hone my writing skill. I go to many places and I want to share my experiences through my writing. Make a book based on my travelling experience sounds interesting.”

What would you like to get from all your travel experiences?

Japra: “Someday when I grow old, I want to share my experience to my grandchildren. And travelling to the part of the world makes me realize how great and beautiful His creation is and it also makes me feel grateful. Experience itself is priceless. And maybe someday I can write some books or install galleries to share my travelling photos. To me, ‘the more you give, the more you get’.”

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“To find my inner peace. The satisfaction runs from my veins to my heart and it makes me eternally happy. Even if it’s my second or thrice time to visit the place, the new experience is always waiting to be discovered. And thankfully, all the places that I’ve been visited exceed my expectation. And I’m glad for it.”

Is there one place that you eager to explore?

Advina: “Countries that include in my bucket list are Iceland, Africa and Nepal-India. Everyone I know is currently having the same desire towards Iceland; the land is so magical. Meanwhile in Africa, I want to sense the real wild safari. Plus, I love animals, so I think I would enjoy it a lot. I also want to track the Himalaya mountain and explore India since the country is one blink away from Nepal.”

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Japra: “India! I really want to go there. Since I watched Lion, I think there are lot of places to explore in India. It’s interesting, from the culture and the people. For me, when you wanna explore some places, you have to be brave and ready to take a risk.”

vina japra for feb bomagz3

Writer: Adhinda Latifa

Photographer: Mario Raymond and Iqbal Syafei

Videographer: Iqbal Syafei

Stylist: Hilarius Matthew

Hairdo&MUA: Nadia Renata

Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia

Wardrobe: Dhara, Dhara Basic, KOMMA, and Stellarissa, hats by Mark&Tims, all available at TheFThing.com

Location: RPTRA Kalijodo

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