#Throwback: Rockabilly 50s with Claudia Adinda

What goes around comes around, and the saying aptly describes the fashion industry. Since the roaring 20s era until the present day, fashion keeps repeating itself; it is about rediscovering a trend with a touch of today’s fashion accent and identity. Letter F explores the haydays of fashion eras: from the 50s, 60s, 70s to 80s.


Rocking the wonderful rockabilly 50s is fashion influencer Claudia Adinda. Currently, she is the living pin-up girl, and is probably the only girl who lives her life based on the rockabilly 50s style. To her, it’s not just about adapting the style, but it is about her identity.

“My style is mostly inspired by 40s and 50s, and I’ve been (adopting) this style for 11 years. And for me, this is not only style, it’s more like lifestyle. Because everything that I do, everything that I’m interested in, everything revolves around the 40s or 50s.”


She continued saying that modern music is not exactly her cup of tea, she really loves music from the 50s. And it doesn’t stop at that, she also loves furniture from the same era, “Everything (in my house) has 50-ish feeling. Right now, at the moment, I’m renovating my house, having all the 50s feel, like Palm Springs in Vegas. It’s my lifestyle and I’ve been like this for 11 years ago, I don’t think I want to change.”

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She goes by the username @miss_adinda_mae on Instagram and is one of members of the Moonsters’ squad. Her fashion style is always on point with fabulous makeup and pretty hairstyle. And for someone who’s passionate in fashion, Claudia is not only the ‘follower’, yet she is also the ‘setter’. With a bunch of creativity running in her mind, Claudia tries to express into designs through her label called Dibba Official.


“So I started this brand named Dibba Official with my 3 close friends – Ykha, Faisal and Gita. I’m the fashion designer, so when I do my designing for Dibba, I make them in modern designs. And because we are 4 different characters, in Dibba, you definitely can see a little bit of all of us.”

The lovely thing about the 1950, as she shared to BOmagz, is that,

“Because I like the timeless classic look, you can see that there are touches of the 50s and also the silhouette of it. Because during that time, it’s not about being skinny, it’s not about size, it’s all about curves. That’s why in Dibba, you can definitely see my 50s style.”


That classic style grew up rapidly into her way back when she was in Bali. At the time, Bali has quite the number of punk rock communities, and she was into them. It was the turning point when she decided to adapt the style first, lifestyle later on. “I met a lot of different people, then I got into Rockabilly and I love it. And then I got more into 1950 classic. But I get so many inspirations from many people, I mean from the biggest Hollywood star, Marilyn Monroe. I love the pin up girl, Betty Gray, Bettie Page, and of course the modern pinup queen, Dita von Teese herself–she’s amazing, I think she’s the great muse to all of us. They’re the kind of people that I look up to.”


Lifestyle wise, she lives a healthy one. She doesn’t smoke, drink, or go to club. However, she loves baking and prefers spending her time at home with loved ones. “I love baking and cooking. I baked a lot of cakes and used to sell them back in Sydney, Australia, but now I don’t really have much time. I also love cleaning, one of my favorite things. I don’t even know why, but I have this obsession with cleaning, I even have a vacuum cleaner tattoo because I love it so much. And besides my work, I try to be the perfect 1950s housewife. I love that whole lifestyle.”

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Besides her fashion business and baking hobby, she’s currently busy for a new TV show about hairstyling, and of course with her side project -the stylish troop called Moonsters. “I definitely will continue this side project with my four other friends called Moonsters. Hopefully that will continue, that’s one of our passions, to send a message out to people that it’s okay to be different.”


“I think in Indonesia, we’re obviously considered as a conservative country, and I hope people can understand that it’s okay to be different. Because I get judged every single day by the way I look, they look at my tattoos, they look at the way I dress, my makeup, even my hair. People don’t understand where we are coming from, and that’s what we are going with Moonsters.”


To her, embracing yourself is not something to be ashamed of. Adinda grasped the idea of being true to oneself is never easy, but being comfortable in your skin -despite what society demands about the ideal body shape-, is the most important thing.

“We are trying to teach people that is okay to be different, who cares what people say, you don’t need to be skinny, you don’t have to be someone that you don’t want to be.”


“I think too many people in Indonesia are scared to be different due to many factors, and what we are trying to do is to let them know that is okay to be different. If your friends avoid you after you change, then they are not your true friends.” That it’s important to feel confident about yourself.


“I hope I can inspire, or maybe empower woman in Indonesia to be themselves, happy with themselves and be confident.”

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Photographer: Vicky Melly
MUA: Choky and team
Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
Videographer: Moody Elisha Wijaya
Video Director: Mario Raymond
Assistant to photographer: Charisma Agni
Graphic Design: Rusdah Ulfa
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Social Media: Ronaldo Jourdi
Runner: Nurul
Wardrobe: Claudia Adinda’s own and TheFThing.com

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