Tips to Make Your Day More Productive

If you often get yourself distracted and not able to focus on anything for too long, then you need to digest these tips to make your day more productive.

Having so many tasks at the same time often gets yourself overwhelmed and can’t use the day productively, then what can you do to make your day be more productive? Here are some useful tips to use your day right:
  1. Make an MITs List
We agree that there are so many important things to do every day, and it can cause you to forget some of them. Hence, every night before you hit the hay, write down your Most Important Things you need to do the next day. Be focused on what you really need to do, not what you want to do.
  1. Find Out Your Best Time
On the 7 Keys to a More Productive Day by Jason W. Womack, to be more productive during the day, you need to find out when is your best time to be productive—is it during the day or is it after lunch time—every person has their own best time, so find out what is the most suitable time for you and make the best use out of it.
  1. Write Down Your Interruptions
Interruption is basically what makes you hold down things you’re currently working on, what you need to do about it is just write them down in a journal. List down every idea that comes to your mind. Later on you can do the same for the bigger project and be more elective to what you actually need to focus on.
Source: Womack, Jason. 2012. 7 Keys to a More Productive Day, CA: The Jason Womack Company, Bustle
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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