Verizon is Planning to Sell Tumblr

Yes, the plan has gone viral. One of the US’ biggest providers has talked to some other companies regarding the plan.

The suspectedly-ongoing sale has been buzzing, as Verizon is said to look for buyer. And guess who’s interesting? Corey Price from PornHub talked to the media that his company is very interested to buy the platform. If the acquisition becomes true, it will be the end of Verizon’s policy of forbidding adult contents on Tumblr.
Today, Tumblr is home for more than 465 million blogs. And it’s not the only subsidiary that Verizon had decided to let go – previously the company also sell Flickr to SmugMug. So, what do you think of the selling of Tumblr? Are you one the users?
Source: iNews 

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