What You Missed on Super Bowl 2019

After the bloody match between the Patriots and the Rams, the confetti is finally floating among the face of the Pats. Yes you heard it right, The New England Patriots just beat the LA Rams with the final score 13-3 and everyone was doing their own meme parties all over the internet for it.

The unbeatable Patriots dynasty doused a bucket of ice cold water on the 2018 Rams the same way they did their 2001 counterparts. Although The Pats also fall short sometimes the keep reproducing the exact same outcome, over, and over again. This was a season of offensive innovation, a sea change in the NFL. In the end, the Patriots are proverbial current and everyone else just ceaselessly fighting against the past as it becomes the future over and over.

New Avangers: Endgame Trailer
The new Avangers: Endgame trailer by Marvel Studios was released during the Super Bowl on February 3rd in Atlanta. The trailer shows how the remaining superheroes gearing up for the biggest battle in the universe whilst mourning for the rest of the human race that is gone thanks to Thanos. The last superheroes standing are shown upgrading their weapons, such as Black Widow, Captain America, even Hawkeye, also don’t forget about the hope that might be brought by the coming-back-from-the-ashes Captain Marvel. The ambiance was super intense as it might their last chance to save the world from another snap of the diamond lover, mr. T.
This means fans could be in for an even more action-packed battle with the remaining heroes ready to make things right. It definitely has the feel of an Endgame.
Maroon 5 and SpongeBob SquarePants
The long-awaited Maroon 5 halftime show may have created more buzz than the actual football game. As if the stress wasn’t enough for the audiences. Singing Girls Like You, There Will Be Love, Sugar, and Moves Like Jagger the band of five paid a homage tribute to the yellow square pants, SpongeBob. The gossips about the band bringing the yellow character in a tribute has been going on for a while, in fact there’s 1.2 million people signed up the petition for the band to sing the show’s song Sweet Victory. Adam himself has been teasing the fans about it since January where he tweeted something about SpongeBob appearance in their Super Bowl preparation, while the fans felt the teases, they also stressing that the tease was too cruel for only last in short amount of times.

The Game of Thrones Sudden Demo
A Bud Light ad set in the world of knights and castles suddenly turned into a Game of Thrones promo. Bud Light’s mascot, the Bud Knight, apparently died an eye-gouging death along the lines of the famed death of Thrones’ Oberyn Martell at the hands (thumbs?) of The Mountain. Then came the dragons. Fans expecting perhaps a real Game of Thrones trailer were as cold as a White Walker but it is what it is I guess.

Source: CNET

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