Wishnutama on Dealing with Millennials: “You Don’t”

Probably one of the few TV persons whose name becomes a branding in itself. NET TV’s own Wishnutama is one of founders of PT. NET Mediatama. He’s not one to shy away at giving insightful tips and shared his views towards youngsters on building a good mindset to achieve the end goals. He also voiced his view on how to deal with millennials.

In the beginning, the avid photography fan started his career from the bottom as the Production Assistant at New England Cable News in the United States and became the Assistant Director of On Air Promotion at WHDH-TV, Boston. Tama, as he’s called, also studied at The Military College of Vermont, Norwich University. In 1994, he returned to Indonesia, and that’s when he began his career in the local television industry. At Indosiar, he served as Supervisor on Air Promotion. A year later, Tama moved to the production division as a Production Assistant.

Wishnutama worked for 7 years with Indosiar, before finally deciding to depart to Trans Corp in 2001 as Head of the Production Division. His name rose to even more fame and got the well-deserved recognition since becoming the Director of Operations, and a year later Tama acted as Deputy Managing Director. In 2006, he officially became the President Director of the then TV7 (now Trans7). Devoting years in Trans Corp for 11 years, Tama finally decided to embark on a new project with his partner, Agus Lesmono, to build what today is known as NET TV.

Since its first instalment until the present day, you have shaped the NET branding in such a way that it is very relevant to the market. How do you keep the consistency?
“First of all, when you think about it–it’s not the TV that we actually watch, it’s the content that we seek. So in this era of media revolution, I tried to make contents that are worth watching and worth selling to the locals, because that is the key—making a great content. The relevance of the content and how to monetize to another platforms, not just TV. And that’s the key, having a great content and know how to sell it.”
What’s your take on millennials—how do you deal with them since NET TV is known to have many millennial staff.

It’s not necessarily how we deal with them, but how we adapt our way of thinking on their level, thus in return both of us have a new insight and a different point of view. I often get invited to talk about millennials and how to deal with them, I’d say, ‘You’re being skeptical, it’s not about millennials, per se—it’s just the age gap between us the oldies versus the digital savvy youth.’ As we’re entering the 4.0 era, it’s by nature that things would be different than before, for example: old study cases become invalid, past theories are no longer applicable, in retrospect, the changes caused by the digital aspects have grown significant. So it’s actually the generations before these millennials are the ones who have to adapt and adjust to today’s mindset, lingo, and other ways of communications. We, the Gen X and Gen Y, have to open ourselves. I’m comfortable working with millennials because they tend to work fast and think fast.”

So how has it been working with millennials so far?
“Today’s youth generation has a vast of opportunities to explore. Once you decide to achieve your goals, you will have a nice future ahead compares to the old days. Although, competitions are also getting fierce because everything is limitless today. We have to continuously evolve and innovate. Everything will turn out good if you consistently do something positive.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Dela Naufalia
Photographer: Vicky Melly

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