If You’re an X-Men Fan, Dark Phoenix is a Must-watch

There’s no way you don’t remember about the X-Men: Dark Phoenix sequel. Following the superhero trends such as Marvel movies, this new sequel of X-Men is a shame if you plan to pass.


Recently, the 20th Fox Century production house released a teaser for the latest movie X-Men movie, Dark Phoenix.

In the two and a half minute teaser, there are many scenes that show the power of Jean Gray which is portrayed by Sophie Turner. Dark Phoenix tells about Jean’s childhood being traumatized until she couldn’t control her own power. One of it was the accident happened to her parents.
Jean’s uncontrollable power has made a number of chaos in the world. She has turned into the strongest and most invincible mutant. The film was scheduled to be released in June since the release schedule had been postponed 4 months. Make sure not to miss this sequel and catch it on the theaters.
Source: V Radio

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