Iko Uwais was Asked to Pose Naked

Iko Uwais successfully demonstrated his acting skills along with a series of Hollywood stars such as Mark Wahlberg and Ronda Rousey. Interestingly, this 36-year-old man not only showed off with martial arts action but was asked to appear naked.

Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg once teased Iko to appear naked in the fight scene in the health room. Peter is indeed inspired to make this scene like in the Eastern Promise film that was undertaken by Viggo Mortensen. Represented by his manager, Ricky Siahaan, Iko Uwais refused and in the film he only saw him bare-chested with only shorts.
“Iko himself doesn’t want to do that and so far no one has forced it. Maybe those who work with us know and respect the same as Iko’s request, “said Ricky Siahaan.
Refusing to appear naked does not mean reducing the quality of Iko Uwais’ acting. In the latest project, Stuber, the man whose full name is Uwais Qorny is reaping praise for his abilities. Dave Bautista for example, the main actor in the film Stuber said Iko had a star charisma.
Source: Okezone




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