iKON B.I Sudden Departure from YG Entertainment

In exclusive reports made by Dispatch, they revealed that the iKON’s leader is suspected to have tried to purchase LSD and marijuana in 2016, causing the leader’s sudden departure from the group and the agency, YG Entertainment.

According to Dispatch iKON B.I have previously tried to purchase drugs, seemingly to be LSD and marijuana in the past with someone called A. A was questioned about drugs back in 2016 and got his phone seized by the police. The police obtained the conversation with the Love Scenario’s producer, B.I and A confirmed that the conversation is true; however he strongly claimed that B.I never had his drugs purchased nor delivered.
Following the news, YG claimed that they always do a drugs check to their artists every two months and none of them have ever tested positive, including B.I. Speaking up from his side, B.I then updated the fans with his own apology on his Instagram account which says:
The leader’s sudden departure from the group has torn so many hearts of the fans’ who have been counting on him for the past 6 years. As a leader, B.I have successfully lead the team went through two survival shows before finally debuting under the name of iKON, and has made so many top charted songs–for the group and also for other artists, such as Blackpink, Winner, PSY, and Lee Hi. Currently, the fans of iKON aka iKONics have made a petition to keep B.I within the group and have been signed with more than 540k supporters, we still wait for further news from both B.I and YG Entertainment.
Source of image’s translation: Koreaboo
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim




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