iKON Dominates the iTunes World Chart Through Album iDECIDE

iKON finally made a comeback after being postponed some time ago.

The album titled iDECIDE was finally released on Thursday, February 6, 2020. iKON’s return along with their latest work has been eagerly awaited by their fans. This mini album was welcomed enthusiastically and has already dominated iTunes charts in a number of countries.
They managed to dominate the iTunes Top Albums chart in Cambodia, Macau, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia to Turkey. Their main single titled Dive also ruled the song chart in South Korea. They made it to first place on a number of charts such as Soribada. The music video for the single Dive was also immediately invaded by viewers with 2.9 million views after being released 17 hours.
iDECIDE album was recorded in early 2019 and there are five songs namely Dive, Ah Yeah, All the World, Hodling On and Flower. Dive, the single and three other songs written by B.I, although he is no longer a member, they still credited his name as a producer and songwriter of the album.
Source: iNews

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