The Musicality of D’MASIV

D’MASIV has been in the industry for quite some time and such fact has shaped them to be one of the top bands in Indonesia. Their massive hit Cinta Ini Membunuhku has vastly and rapidly became the country’s theme when singing about heart broken. Rian Pradipta, Dwiki Marsall, Nurul Ramadan, Rayyi Dinata, and Wahyu Piadji expressed themselves through their musicality since 2003. And now the band has launched their new album called Love to explore more about their music direction.

The band dedicates their love and support that they’ve been receiving from Musica Studio in this album and Massivers, as their fans are called, have always the main reason that makes the band keep going. Jangan Menyerah, Damai, Mohon Ampun Aku, Esok kan Bahagia are few of the many songs presented in this album, ready to accompany every mellow soul.

D’Masiv collaborated with Pey Musik in this 6th album. Rian explained that their collaboration with Pey Musik aims to educate the music listeners in Indonesia, that music is one of the ways to inspire and aspire.

How has your music evolved throughout the years?

“There is always a significant difference in each album. Different reference, different situation, different mood. For us, making music is like our own journey that we cannot not go back to, it’s like reading a book. And we cherish every single step that we take to deliver our music to our fans.”

As a group band from Indonesia, you have been doing music tour from various cities to overseas. What do you think is the major difference in each stage and which one has left the biggest impression?
Kiki: “I think the most memorable memories for me are when we performed overseas, like the one in London. The audience was so enthusiastic, it left us a very big impression.”
Rian: “We were so thankful that a lot of them were willing to took hours of trip just to watch our concert. We were glad that their sense of belonging for Indonesia’s culture is represented by our presence there. Another fun story is when we went to Dublin for a festival and we were invited to perform as a closing act and we got to perform right after The Script. It was pretty memorable for me.”

“Mostly, of course, each city has a different kind of enthusiasm from the audience. We also did a performance in Hong Kong, and it was overly packed that the audience was divided. It was memorable because we didn’t expect that many people to come.”

For this album, you guys collaborated with other musicians like Rossa, David from Noah, Is Pusakata, and Aryo from The Adams. Do you have a particular reason why do you choose these specific artists to collaborate with?

“Honestly for us, we’re already past those eras where we draw a line between genres in music. Music is music. Therefore, we have the freedom to choose the artists that we wanted to collaborate with. It honestly felt different working with each of them. For example, since Is Pusakata is big in the indie music scene, we experienced a whole different state when we worked together—the same thing also happened with Aryo from The Adams. When we asked these artists with different music background, we looked for different energy to put into the songs. We tried our best to put each of our signature so people are able to recognize each of the artists that we did a collab with.”

You also did a collab with a local music streaming application called Pey Musik?
Rian: “It’s to signify the importance of physical album, Pey Music has bought 100 thousand copies of our physical album. It has become an extraordinary form of appreciation in this digital era. Although there are many music enthusiasts who listen through digital platforms, physical albums are still playing a big role for us musicians. So, we were really excited when they asked us to collaborate as it serves not only for our fans, but also to music listeners in Indonesia in general.”
We heard that you wanted to make Musica Studio as a historical place that should be remembered by many people. After all this time, D’MASIV has become the first artist who highlights Musica’s notability. How would you describe the symbolism of Musica in Indonesia?

“As you can see from D’MASIV Love album, we purposely made Musica Studio building as our background for the cover of the album. So far, no artist has really made Musica Studio Building as the cover of their album so we thought: why don’t we be the first one to do it. We wanted Musica Studio to be an iconic place that many people will remember like how they see Abbey Road in London for The Beatles’ cover album in 1969. There’s so much history that has happened in Musica since it is known as the birthplace of some of Indonesia’s most popular and well-respected artists. Hence, we wanted more people to acknowledge it as how it’s supposed to be known in the first place.”

Rai: “Hopefully, Musica Studio can be an Indonesian Musical History Museum because we all know that it’s one of the music labels that has lasted for more than 50 years.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Dela Naufalia
Photographer: Ganang Afriardi
Digital Imaging: Rian Pandu
MUA: Nadia Renata
Stylist: Sasqia Ayuningtyas
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