Indonesia Future Fest Brings All the Inspiration & Innovation for Millenials

Indonesia Future Fest will be one of the biggest youth festival this year, to embrace the vision of Indonesia’s Golden Age in 2045

All the creative contents that are staple to the youths are here – from Talkshow, Seminar, Workshop, Job Fair, Creative Market, Conference, Music Concert, Digital Content,  and Competition. The event will be held by the Iconic Concert Promotor, Astrid Reiza.  Having succeeded in many concerts and exhibitions. the Indonesia Future Fest will take palce at fX Sudirman on 29-31 March 2019.

Why 2045, you may wander in your mind – well let’s do the math; that time, Indonesia will reach the nation’s 100th years of independence. So to inspire the youth to prepare themselves to become the engine of the nation, the event is curated with many inspiring contents. Get yourself ready for the 4 stages and 6 classes and the chance to network and collaborate with more than 300 influential figures of Indonesia.
Writer: Olivia Elena Hakim

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