Indonesian New Sweetheart Idol: Brisia Jodie

Indonesian Idol 2018 has finally ended, yet the euphoria for the contestants are still big as before. Letter F got the privilege to having a session with one of the finalists, who is well-known with her innocence. Bianca Jodie stole many viewers’ hearts by her sincere singing and cutely appearance. The 22-year-old singer came along the way to the 7th position and showed her ability through the singing competition. Now, what makes her busy nowadays – and other things you should know from the young singer?

What’s your current activity?

“I’m currently busy and focusing with my upcoming single and having a photoshoot and commercial ad. I’m still new, but yeah, I’m enjoying this new whole entertainment world.”

Tell us how you feel being a contestant in Indonesian Idol 2018.

“I’m actually so happy because I found new family and new experiences, and I even learned many new things that I never had. I got to have a vocal and dance class – never in my existence have I had that kind of experience.”

What makes you join the audition?

“At first I did it out of impulse. I didn’t even tell my family when I joined. When I went through elimination per elimination, and finally in spectacular round, I still didn’t believe it. But I never regretted that I had to leave in the middle of the show. I mean, everything happens for a reason. I got eliminated from the show was God’s way. And I’m ecstatic to see other world outside the competition.”

Being in music industry there will be a lot of obstacles lie ahead. What will you do to overcome it?

“I was probably one of the contestants with most haters in Indonesian Idol, but I tried to not care about them. I see the positive side more than the negative one. The outcome from everything I did was caused by my action and response from the viewers. If the response I got was negative, I needed to stay positive. Haters love to criticize us yet I never paid attention to them, but I had to be better than before. Either way, I focus more on the people who support me and love me enough.”

You sometimes did cover songs on your social media account. Do you always want to be a singer, though? Or do you have another dream job before?

“Education comes first in my family, so I would like to be an ambassador before. But I don’t know though, art is calling me. I keep doing music and art because it’s one of gift that I have in life and I want to explore more about it. Like I found my own identity through art and music. That’s when I decided that I wanted to be a singer. I started to like singing since I was three years old and in junior high school, I earned my own money as a café singer with my older sister.”

Then who is your ultimate influence in your music or singing skill?

“I really adore Rossa. She is like my center of singing skill. She always delivers her song through a good emotion and she naturally has this great voice. I try to use the same singing technique as hers.”

Your favorite things of being a singer?

“I can make people happy through my singing. And make myself happy too. I mean this is my hobby which turns into my job. I feel so delighted to do both.”

If you would make an album later, what kind of music genre that you would do?

“I would like to stay on pop genre. A little bit mellow, perhaps? But I want to make my own songs later, and hopefully people will sing the song I made.”

Your strategy to maintain your career in music in the future?

“Besides releasing music, I think I will use my social media wisely. Thank God for the internet, I will still be here on my Instagram account and YouTube channel so people can find me there.”



Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena
Photographer: Mario Raymond Bully
MUA: Fiyenti Purba
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
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