Indonesia’s Most-Searched Movie during 2018 (According to Google Indonesia)

Google Indonesia has unleashed a list of top searches during 2018. As we remember it, 2018 was full of blockbuster movies, both produced locally or abroad. Can you guess the top ten?

The Nun
The Conjuring’s spin-off was a big hit that it created a wave of meme trends. No wonder it’s also popular on Google Indonesia.
Dilan 1990
Cheesy, but we love it! Released January 2018. Dilan 1990 gained more than 6,2 million audience!
Avengers : Infinity War
And of course we have Marvel’s most traumatising movie of all time: Infinity War. So, are we recovered enough to face Endgame this year?
Fantastic Beast : The Crimes of Grindelwald
As we know it, Indonesia has quite a big community of Potterheads. No wonder that this second series of Fantastic Beasts gained a big hit here.
Black Panther
Wakanda Forever! Released on Valentine Day 2018, Indonesians audience were so mesmerised by the king in black gear, that a new clothing trend followed after (remember ‘baju koko’ Black Panther, anyone?)
Source: Global Radio

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