The Infamous Influencers: Cindy Karmoko and Jovi Adhiguna

Still in the spirit of celebrating the first collaboration of’s Lovò x Jessica Priscilla, our second and third muses are the two of the loveliest and most faved fashion influencers: Cindy Karmoko and Jovi Adhiguna.

jovi cindy lovo x jp bomagz26

Cindy has been in the fashion game for years and Jovi is the hottest vlogger in Indonesia right now. The two are like twinsies! From the style to jokes, the two lit up the room. Both are also in love with black and are shoes addict. Both have a strong desire for winged-eyeliner, and currently have the same hair colors. Cindy and Jovi have also previously listed as our muses, Cindy on December and Jovi and Sarah on February.

As a person who’s into fashion, describe to us how do you define fashion?

Jovi: “Fashion is how I represent myself to the world. It’s like my identity – that’s what fashion for me. My passion for fashion was there since I was in the middle school. I love art and drawing, and it eventually evolved the second I discovered fashion magazines. I developed more and more interest ever since.”

jovi cindy lovo x jp bomagz3

Jovi and Cindy are wearing Carese Top

Cindy: “Fashion is my life, and it evolves around fashion. It’s also a way to express myself and my way to live life. It all began when I was 9 years old. I alway love shoes, and I asked my mom for my first boots. Back then I didn’t know that shoes is a part of fashion (laughs). Plus, I was looking at the pictures of my grandma and my mom a lot and love their style. I love how they mix and match their outfits. Then I eventually took Bachelor Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni in Milan and got a scholarship in Domus Academy for my Masters in Fashion Styling and Visual Merchandising. I also worked for L’Officiel Italy and was a contributor for Indonesian magazines. As I studied fashion overseas, it definitely helps me to explore more and have a different taste of fashion.”

“I studied about fashion history and it turned out to be super useful for me, because history repeats itself. Therefore, I appreciate more about the designers and the photographer. And as a stylist, I need to know more about the styling world, not only the trends per se, but also other styles. Like the styles of Vogue – how they recreate an iconic look and stuff. So knowledge is the power, I think. And I’m really blessed to be able to do so.”

jovi cindy lovo x jp bomagz14

Cindy and Jovi are wearing Blanche Top

When you hear someone say, ‘A good style’, what does that mean according to you?

Jovi: “For my own style, rocking on the black outfit, also statement accessories and nice outerwear are good enough to define a good style. I love outerwear a lot, I have many of them. Most of them are black, and some are patterns and jeans.”

Cindy: “A good style? I don’t know. For me, a good style is my style when I’m not forced to wear something that I don’t wanna wear. And when I feel confident and comfortable, and I feel like myself while having the look.”

jovi cindy lovo x jp bomagz19

Cindy and Jovi are wearing Desarae Top

jovi cindy lovo x jp bomagz8

When it comes to trend, do you create or do you follow? Or maybe both?

Jovi: “I do both. I create and sometimes I follow only if it suits me. Like this trend: skirt for men, I won’t let myself use it. It’s for girls, period.”

”But when I follow one trend, I’ll try to extend it and make it as my own, so I won’t go for a basic trend.”

Cindy: “I do both, I think. If there’s a trend that suits me, I will definitely try it. And I’m quite experimental, so I love to experiment with my outfits. Although black color is more like my uniform, I don’t mind if designers want to collaborate with me. And if they want to style me with their outfits, I’ll try to accomodate with them. I like to try new things because my style needs to evolve anyway.”

Do you have that one trend that you embrace the most?


“The big chunky accessories! When Givenchy released theirs, I completely loved them to the point I make one big earring for my own. I totally fell in love and embraced it.”

“If you wear simple white tees and jeans, you’ll still stand out if you add the right accessories.”

Cindy: “When pastel colors were happening here, it was a bit hard for me. Because I don’t do pastel, lilac, mint green, soft orange colors and stuff. I also don’t wear ruffles and chiffon, or super girly things. Since my uniform is black and monochrome color, it was a little bit hard for me to find clothes at that time. But it try to dig myself in it, and I surprisingly loved the pink color. So pink is sort of my color now, and I dont even know that before the trend.”

jovi cindy lovo x jp bomagz25

Cindy and Jovi are wearing Lavanya Pants

jovi cindy lovo x jp bomagz15

Being a fashion enthusiast, what is your favorite brand from local and global?

Jovi: “I love Duma, Patrick Owen, Lovò , Scarpa, and Yosafat Dwi Kurniawan. They’re great brands! Meanwhile from international brand, I love Balmain, Givenchy and Alexander Wang. Those are my top three favorite brands. Since I love outerwear, I like H&M Studios products. They have high quality, but they’re not too pricey. As a shoe lover, my favorite shoe designer has to be Balenciaga. Oh, Nicholas Kirkwood, and Aquazzura also.”

Cindy: “I love Patrick Owen, Shop at Velvet, Duma, and Lovò also. And for international brands, I love Celine, Raf Simmons in anywhere he is designing—like in Dior, Calvin Klein – he used to be in Jil Sander, too. And lately I’m so into Australian brands, like Alpha60 and Alice McCall. I discovered them through my trip to Aussie, and my Australian friends exposed me to the brands. So, I decided to buy some of the clothes and it fits really well with my posture because in Indonesia it’s always too short. Since I’m a shoe lover, I have a lot of Stella McCartney’s, Charlotte Olympia’s and Fendi’s. And I love my Marni.”

jovi cindy lovo x jp bomagz16

Now let’s discuss further about the shoes, any exciting collab like Lovò did with JP?

Jovi: “I’m doing a collab with a local shoe brand actually, which is exciting because when they offered me the opportunity, I happened to have a lot of fashion plans that I’d like to visualize.”

Cindy: “Since I haven’t had my own shoe label, I will collaborate soon with one of shoe brands, and it’s likely happen by the end of the year. Deep inside, I want to make a shoe brand of my own, but hopefully later after my next trip to Italy, maybe I’ll make one.”

Biggest fashion splurge?

Jovi: “Designer handbags and shoes! I can’t stop buying them beautiful things.”


“Shoes! And my motto since 2009 is I’ll never say ‘shoo to shoe’. So, if it’s in my size and it fits, I’ll buy it.”

jovi cindy lovo x jp bomagz1

Cindy and Jovi are wearing Desarae Top Green

When it comes to supermodels, do you have any favorite?

Jovi: “I love Tyra Banks! From her personality, face, posture and everything. No other models can top her signature walk. Plus, she is super smart and has multimillion bussiness in fashion. I also like Behati Prinsloo, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.”

Cindy: “I like the real and original supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer. And I love Twiggy and Kate Moss. But I also like Gigi hadid, she seems nice and friendly.”

As one of the host for Lovò Season 6, what do you think about the collection?

Jovi: “I love the collection, especially the Abbey Blazer. The entire collection are suitable for my preference, but the cut-off blazer is the bomb.”

Cindy: “The 6th collection is different from the last. I won’t lie, I really love the 5th collection; it’s more dark and edgy, which suits my style more. While this collection is more sophisticated and elegant. But I think you can mix and match the 5th and 6th just fine. I love the dusty pink and deep green tops.”

jovi cindy lovo x jp bomagz23jovi cindy lovo x jp bomagz18

Guess what’s the most annoying question according to Jovi and Cindy? Click here to find out the answer and watch the  fun Q&A session!

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
MUA&Hairdo: Sahil (@makeupbysahil)
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Wardrobe: Lovò x JP, available at
Accessories: B.Lab, available at

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