Inside the Super Exclusive Star-Studded Google Camp

Last week, you may have noticed that several high-profile celebrities have been quite hush-hush about their location, but shared one thing in common: they were somewhere around Sicily. Though they are attending an event called Google Camp, it is not the camping adventure in the great outdoors that you might have imagined. Here are several details that we dug up.

  • Karlie Kloss, Michael Jordan, Harry Styles, Leonardo DiCaprio, Diane Von Furstenberg, Bradley Cooper, Matthew McConaghey and Lady Gaga are among the lucky few that were reportedly seen at the event.
  • There’s almost no information on this elite and mysterious event on the internet. Even the tech giant has not released any official information for this annual event of theirs. This year was the sixth time it has been held.
  • It is highly guarded and extreme preventative measures are taken so that no one can reveal anything about what goes on behind closed doors. A source told the U.K. Daily Mail that all the hotel staff and security have to sign nondisclosure agreements. In addition, attendees must follow strict cellphone policies, local fishermen are not allowed to go anywhere near the private beach, and local police officers monitor traffic.
  • The actual event takes place at the Verdura Resort on the island of Sicily, Italy. Facilities on location include six clay tennis courts, three golf courses, and a spa. Attendees enjoy their time at the venue dining at the resort’s six restaurants, taking in the stunningly endless Mediterranean views, and relaxing in the private pools in their villas. They can also expect fireworks and a carnival.
  • In addition to local celebs, tech giants, business leaders, influencers, and investors are also invited to the outing. Alibaba founder Jack Ma, George Lucas, Gayle King, James Murdoch, Michael Jordan and Kevin Durant were reported to be among the guests. This forum unites some of the world’s most powerful and influential names to discuss tech, music, art, and fashion.
  • Every year apparently ends with a dinner, accompanied by a performance. This year, the grand dinner meeting took place at the Temple of Hera and Sting took the stage to entertain the guests.
  • Guests dined on a menu that included prawn and fennel salad with caramelized almonds, pecorino ravioli with zucchini and mint fondant, marinated Piedmont beef, sea bass with orange thyme sauce and meringues.

Source: Highendteen

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