iPhone X – The Future Is in Your Hand, Literally

Alright, pretty sure the laughter from Apple fanboys and fangirls echoed around the globe as the most-anticipated iPhone series is out. Yes, folks, iPhone X is finally released this November. Are you ready to experience a glimpse of the future?

iPhone X comes with a 5.8 inch edge-to-edge super retina OLED (as a measurement), infrared camera, flood illuminator, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, speaker, microphone, front camera, and dot projector. Now, those may sound basic, but let’s take a further look into the phone. It is the first one to use OLED screen to support all of aforementioned functions, it even raise the resolution to 4k HDR, which is only the sharpest and clearest screen since its predecessor. With the new display, it offers a lot of color calibrations to give a pristine display.

Also, when one is used to the Home button, one would feel bewildered when it’s gone. But a lot of reviews have been positive. It’s as simple as being surprised that everytime you look at the phone, it instantly open. It goes as far as when you want to sign into your social media accounts – it lets your log in as it recognizes your face.

This special feature is courtesy of its TrueDepth camera. And it still functions perfectly even if you’re in a dark room or, to women, who wear loads of makeup – no offense.

Additional features also include: if the screen is in a landscape mode, the entire screen is filled with the movie or video that you’re watching, whereas during the portrait mode, the front camera lets you have its Animoji – a new way to use Face ID to create a custom animated emoji.

On its physical note, iPhone X looks slimmer with the black band at the top and bottom, the display confining what was once expansive feeling. Good news though, the big display is said to not affect the life of the battery that much. So, ready to be the iPhone X generation?

Writer: Hadi Sutanto

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