Is It Just Shy, or Do You Have Social Phobia?

Get to know the difference between regular shyness and social anxiety!

Many people often feeling shy at certain moments in their life, such as going up on the stage, talking in front of the microphone, meeting up with new people and that feeling is completely normal. Shyness is a personality trait that is owned by every single human out there, but do you know that there is people who is scared when they have to interact with other people? Those people tend to have an alarming sensation when they are faced with social interactions. That condition is called social anxiety or social phobia.

Social phobia is a type of anxiety disorder characterized by excessive fear, discomfort, anxiety, and self-consciousness in social settings. For people with social phobia, everyday interactions trigger significant fear and embarrassment by thoughts of others’ judgement toward them. They are not feeling the mere shyness in daily basis’ interactions, but they are suffering from others’ eyes and they can’t stop feeling it by any senses. People with social anxiety disorder (SAD) experience an immedicable fear of social performance which related to the feelings of embarrassed, rejected, or even scrutinized.

So How do You Know Whether You’re just Shy or You’re Actually Have SAD?
The traits of both are often overlapping with one and another, however they are two absolutely different elements. Although SAD is often understood as an extreme shyness, it is totally a different side of the book. The difference between shyness and social anxiety located in the physical symptoms of nervousness ad the stressful feelings. For shy people, the symptoms are not severe enough to cause distress, for example when they are asked to have a speech, they would tremble with butterflies inside their bellies, but for people with SAD they would suffer for it days even weeks before and after the speech. They would over-analyze things and self-judge themselves harshly. The symptoms of SAD often seen during childhood – however, many people underestimate the signs and left it undiagnosed.
What You Can Do About It?
If any of those symptoms familiar to you, I urge you to seek for a professional treatment. Don’t let it eat you up and halt you from the world. Through various type of therapies you can regain your confidence and invest in yourself more, cause your mental health is the key to your own happiness.
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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