It is not Fake News, It is the True Idol News, BTS is Going to the Grammys!

Last year might be the best moment in BTS’ life with their endless achievements in the globe, but this year might bring them higher into the sky as the love is not over for them.

Achieving so much within 7 years of their career, we can say that the success has actually written in their DNA since before they even realized. Showing the public how the most impossible thing is actually possible, BTS is returning to the States for another milestone in their career, and that is Grammys! Yes you heard that right fellas, after years and years of endless blood, sweat, and tears of practicing and killing schedules, BTS is now proudly bearing their sweetest fruits!
It is confirmed by the spokeperson of Big Hit Entertainment, that the group of 7 will be attending and presenting the award at the Grammys Music Award aka the highest level of award ceremony in the music industry of the world. Speaking about this historical moment, one of the group’s member, Suga actually was being very lowkey when he was asked what is his biggest goal for the group during the band’s visit at the Tonight’s Show starring Jimmy Fallon, he mentioned that Grammy is his ultimate goal although he’s not sure whether or not they can achieve it. But hey, aren’t they the human prove of nothing is impossible?
Debuting their first appareance in the Grammys, it’s so unfortunate that the band is not on the list of the nominations, however the fans are getting really excited to know that the art designer of the band’s album called Tear is on the list! Let’s just see is the band will be posing another mic drop moment right there?
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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