It Takes 7 Hours for Reza Rahardian to Transform Into BJ Habibie

Actor Reza Rahadian has just revealed the process of making of Habibie & Ainun 3 which just aired in theaters across Indonesia.

Not only applying new technology to make Reza more natural in portraying the role as a young BJ Habibie, he was also dressed with prosthetic make-up.
This is known from the latest upload of official social media from Reza himself. He uploaded a behind the scenes video, where he was being decorated by Orlando Bassi’s special effects makeup artist. In fact, the 35-year-old actor revealed that the process of making-up his transformation into something like the late BJ Habibie took up to seven hours.
Meanwhile, Orlando Bassi also uploaded a BTS moment similar to Reza. He revealed that he was very happy to be involved in making the film Habibie & Ainun 3 which also starred Maudy Ayunda.
In the short duration video, Reza appeared in a way in showing how his face became more wrinkled slowly, with a moustache and glasses like the late third Indonesian President when he was still alive. This 7 hour make-up transformation has put some impression saying that it was a successful attempt to make Reza into BJ Habibie.
Source: iNews


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