It’s Confirmed, Bye Jakarta and See You Kalimantan

The news are all over the place that Mr. President Joko Widodo is currently planning to move the capital city of Indonesia to Kalimantan, and it’s been confirmed.

Moving the capital city is a huge deal for a country, but that doesn’t shake our Pakde to move the “Jakarta” to Kalimantan as it is actually has been on the National Medium-Term Development Plan for 2020-2024. However, the exact location is still strictly confidential to the white house and it will be announced around August.
“Yes, I have told you to move to Kalimantan. Well, which part of Kalimantan is still a secret. We will deliver the news around August later, “Jokowi said, quoted on the Cabinet Secretariat’s website.
Jokowi said that until now the process of reviewing the move of the capital city had still not been completed. According to him, there are several things that should be studied more deeply, especially related to security issues and the level of potential for danger in the Kalimantan region. Also, to get everything done the allocation funds needed is around Rp 88.8 trillion and will be sourced from the State Budget, State-Owned Enterprises, and Private.
So are you moving to Kalimantan too?
Source: USS Feed


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