Bringing you various insights of the street culture in the city, JSC is about dissecting sorts of street elements from 5 different segments: arts, sports, music, streetwear, and event.

Hosted by Upi Tuan Tigabelas and Eros Tjokro, JSC is divided into 4 episodes with 19 different personalities throughout the 5 segments.

Episode 1 is all about music and event. Episode 2 explores arts, sports (street ball and breakdance), and the vinyl communities. Episode 3 talks about streetwear-related topics from thrift shop, streetwear, and grooming. Episode 4 – the event is the summary of episodes 1, 2, and 3 to further talk about The Future of Jakarta’s Street Culture, held in Hatchi Jakarta on August 15, 2019.
Episode 4 features talkshow, art installation, breakdance by King Smiley Crew and music performance by Twilo Sound System.
In this episode, hosted by Upi and Eros, the talkshow divides into 3 segments. Segment 1 – talking about streetball by Richard Insane and breakdance by Bian King Kreate; music talk with Laze; and thrift shop tips by Isser James.
The 2nd segment discusses mural arts with Zany13; vinyl talk with Tiko and Domie from Bombshel Records; and streetwear discussion with Public Culture.
The 3rd segment features sneakers 101 by Adityalogy and music talk with Yacko.

Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Dela Naufalia
Photographer: Ganang Arfiandi
Digital Imaging: Ari Angga
Location: Hatchi Jakarta

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