James Bond’s Latest Movie is Facing Another Delay

The last movie of the James Bond saga faces another obstacle. After experienced some difficulties with the actors and producers, the release date of the movie has to be pushed back once again. James Bond 25 was scheduled to be released on February 14th 2020, but now it is moved back to April 8th 2020.

The crew behind the movie wanted Bond 25 to get a better response from the specters as it’s going to be the last movie starred by Daniel Craig as James Bond. Last September the movie’s original director, Danny Boyle has to be replaced for certain reasons, moreover another scriptwriter is also chosen to rewrite the movie.

According to The Playlist, the new scriptwriter Scot Z Burns rewrote many parts of the movies under the direction of Cary Fukunaga, the new chosen director for Bon 25. Fukunaga has his own ambition to reunite the best actors that have ever played in the 007 movies,such as Lea Seydoux. NaomieHarris, and Ralph Fiennes to participate once again in Bond 25. The new chosen pioneers are hoped to make a fruit out of Bond 25 and make a grand exit of the agent 007 saga.
Source: Sindonews




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