Match Made in Heaven, Jean Paul Gaultier x Supreme

Jean Paul Gaultier is a legendary French designer which is known for his extravagant, avant-garde design – and for his decision to stop producing ready-to-wear collection since 2014.

Despite this fact, the legend just announced his collaboration with well-known streetwear brand, Supreme, which deems to be pretty surprising.
Gaultier has a sense of reserved, conventional clothing which makes him an unlikely partner for Supreme. But, Jean Paul Gaultier is indeed the name you hear since the early ‘80s as someone who shocked the fashion elite, presenting rebellious streak that mirrors the ethos of Supreme’s previous collaborators, Gilbert & George.

If you haven’t heard about Jean Paul Gaultier you should definitely check him out. His long and successful career in fashion landing him many praise even from the highest name of designers.
Gaultier is one of the designer whose not only creative but also progressive. With Supreme’s key influence an Gaultier’s undeniable mark on fashion, this could actually be one of the most unexpected and awaited collaborations and as a way for young generation to discover more to streetwear.
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