John Mayer’s Style Explained in 9 Points


“My style is about balance between these highly differentiating novel interesting far-out things and working them into kind of daily wear situation,” the singer and songwriter, John Mayer, stated.

Mayer has always favored fashion, and he admitted that he’s always been committed to his styles. Initiating his style by finding a balance in the way he dresses, it’s his way to get people remember his styles – and here are some pieces of him:

  1. 1940s-man look. Mayer digs some old styles like high-waisted pants, patterned short-sleeve, and polished boots.
  2. Mayer finds that the quantum leap that Jerry Lorenzo took between his careers is the best way to get yourself surrounded by inspiration, just like how you start your first project.
  3. Never let fashion hurts your pride, if it does then you’re taking it wrong.
  4. Prefers stuff to wear for a long time until it got worn out and likes to write his name on his clothes—just a sign that he’s going to wear them for good.
  5. Being a Visvim completist doesn’t stop him from exploring other brands, and Fear of God is one of the brands he’d like to mix with his Visvim collections.
  6. For him, fashion is all about personal taste, and the current trend of mixing streetwear and high brands are marvelous.
  7. How Mayer styles his robes; as everything—as an outer, a blanket, and as a photo background.
  8. Another favorite brand of his, Acronym—a brand where he finds its pieces are so magnificent that they’re good to be displayed.
  9. Mayer strongly believes that everyone is free to wear what they want, and if they fail in looking good, just try again next time.
Source: GQ

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