JunkieMunkie feat Kamasean Releases “One Thing”

The multifaceted singer and songwriter, JunkieMunkie releases “One Thing,” featuring his old pal, Kamasean.

“One Thing,” is a song that tells the story of a young couple who met in a dining place and fell for each other, tuned in RnB style, it’s embroidered with English as the main language of the lyrics as the goal of the song is to break through the international barrier. “One Thing,” also has this easy-listening vibe that will make its listeners tap their feet to the ground as they mouth the lyrics that are so easy to follow. Collaborating with Warner Music, “One Thing” is now available on every music streaming platform.
Firstly met at the church, JunkieMunkie or Mark Ferdinand Sindoro and Kamasean are a pair of old friends who often discuss about music together. Though this is not their first piece together, this is their first time singing the song together. As JunkieMunkie was the producer for Kamasean’s single, “Never There” back in 2018.
“When I make a song, I already have someone in mind who will be singing the song, and I want it to be able to break the International barrier. I feel like Sean has the quality for it, especially for her own color of voice.” explained JunkieMunkie on his collaboration with the Indonesian Idol’s runner-up, Kamasean.

“We have the same goals in creating music, and I believe that it’s very crucial to have the same vision when you work with someone else.” added JunkieMunke who has previously worked with Stephen Felix, the expert team for Kanye West, Iggy Azalea and Marc E. Bassy.

The single “One Thing” is a single claim from OMG Records, a record label founded by JunkieMunkie with a vision of becoming a quality, progressive and international class music production forum for homeland musicians. The single will also be included in Kamasean’s upcoming album that will also be produced by OMG Records.
Check the music video for “One Thing” here:

Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati

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