Just Like Everyone Else by FIGURE

Brand FIGURE dengan konsisten mengusung tema yang sejalan dengan visi dan misi awal. FIGURE selalu mendukung isu-isu sosial yang dekat dengan hati, mulai dari body positivity hingga awareness about these warm-hearted individuals in their recent campaign “Just Like Everyone Else”.

Brand FIGURE selalu meng-highlight setiap perempuan dengan berbagai latar belakang berbeda in different age ranges and with different shapes and sizes. Campaign fashion FIGURE kali ini mengundang 5 pasangan orangtua atau wali dengan anak-anak mereka. Meskipun memiliki keterbatasan tertentu, FIGURE justru belajar banyak from these special kids with special needs. It’s their kindred, fun, and loving spirit that teaches us all that life is not based on the good and the bad days—but rather about how each day is worth living and defining.

FIGURE memahami bahwa meskipun kita berbeda, essentially we are all the same. All women need to support each other, from female teens with special needs to women of career. In this video campaign, their warm and happy smile really touches our heart, and through this campaign, FIGURE would like to touch your heart as well.

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