Justin Bieber is Back with ‘Yummy’

New year, new Justin Bieber. The most awaited RnB singer is finally back to the music industry with a new single called ‘Yummy.’

on Friday, January 3, and the Baby singer appears to be a steamy ode to his wife, Hailey Bieber. In the song — which was accompanied by a lyric video featuring pink soft serve spiraling into a cone — Bieber sings about his partner being “number one” and teases that she is his other half in all ways.
In addition to releasing the single, the 25-year-old singer also released a YouTube discuseries titled Justin Bieber: Seasons and will release his 5th album through the record label RBMG / DefJam. The last album released by Bieber was ‘Purpose’ which was released in 2015.
Check the music here:
Source: USS Feed

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