KAUM Jakarta Brings Pasar Papringan to the City for the Holy Month of Ramadan

Potato Head Family’s authentic Indonesian restaurant presents its own take on Java’s famous bamboo garden market with a selection of authentic Pasar Papringan dishes, available from Friday 18 May.


In keeping with KAUM’s ongoing mission to reawaken almost-forgotten culinary traditions from across the archipelago, the brand will bring the distinctive spirit of Pasar Papringan to its Menteng restaurant.
Inspired by the Javanese term ‘papringan,’ which means ‘bamboo garden,’ Pasar Papringan is an outdoor market which takes place in the unusual setting of a bamboo forest in Ngadiprono village, Central Java.

Since its inception in 2016, the market has operated to its own special schedule, opening every 35 days or ‘selapan’ (market day) on the Javanese calendar. A spectacle of sound, colour and flavour, the myriad stalls draw thousands of locals and visitors to its uniquely rural setting each year. Fresh farm produce; healthy, MSG-free food and beverages; bamboo handicrafts and speciality coffee are among the offerings that
visitors should expect to see and sample.

Children are catered to with playgrounds and there’s even barber and massage services available within the grounds. Throughout Ramadan, Kaum will be presenting its own version of Pasar Papringan
Ngadiprono. Guests will be able to experience the festive atmosphere of this eco-forward market, with link (bamboo stools), terracotta cookware and bamboo utensils. The Kaum culinary team will also be offering a selection of authentic dishes commonly found at Pasar Papringan, such as Lesah Ayam, Gablok Pecel, Bajingan, Kue Kacamata, Sawut Nenas, Serungkulan Gethuk, and many more.


Pasar Papringan Go[w]es to Kaum will run from Friday 18 May – Tuesday 12 June from 5pm – 8pm.

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