Kevin William, Branching Out to Fashion

Simple but edgy, the 180-cm tall Kevin William is a composed young man with a charming style and a flair for fashion. Though the journey has just started, Kevin already owns a fashion line, sells designer books, creates content, and maintains his Instagram, which currently has over 5K followers and counting.

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Kevin’s foray into becoming a social media influencer was serendipitous, you might say. After graduating from a university in China with a degree in Architecture, Kevin worked an architecture firm of a renowned architect in South Jakarta, then joined a furniture company, but quickly realized that an office job is not for him. After attending a fashion show with his friend and fellow influencer Tysna Saputra, Kevin received clothes from the designer the following day, which he wore and posted on Instagram as a gesture of courtesy. To his surprise, the photo was reposted by Lookbook and was well-received. “Prior to that, my Instagram was full of photos of buildings,” he laughed.

It was a rocky start, but Kevin eased into it like a pro.

“At the beginning, I had a hard time posing and felt frustrated! I copied other people’s poses at first, but after a while, I became comfortable and found my own signature poses.”

Kevin describes his style as semi-formal, simple, with a play on colors and color-layering. The 24-year-old also declared his most favorite fashion staple—outers! “I was super skinny, so I wore outers a lot to hide it. I go to the gym, but when I take time away from the gym, my upper body shrinks again. So I love outers, but not the long ones.”

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As a fashion influencer, there’s no denying that he receives plenty of endorsements and perks (getting front row seats to fashion shows is his favorite!), but there are ups-and-downs that come with it. “Getting free clothes is great, but being rushed to post them is not! I usually ask for a two-week window, because some clothes can only be worn on certain occasions. But some brands inquire about the upload after a week!” he cringed.

Further making his mark into the world of fashion, Kevin became one of the founders of the fashion line Early Adopter. Through the brand, he wants to show that even if your body is not model-perfect, you can still pull off not-so-common fashion pieces, such as jumpsuits.

“The whole point of our Early Adopter fashion line is to produce simple but unique items that people initially might not dare to wear, but then after seeing our designs and photos, discover that it’s totally wearable!”

Source: HighEnd Teen
Writer: Annisa Laksmintari
Photographer: Rudi Sulistya
Stylist: Reggy Alexander
Wardrobe: Komma The Label, available at

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