All The Kim Clones For Yeezy Season 6 – The Last One is Most Ironic

Kanye has been known to do outrageous things, so it wasn’t too unusual that he skipped the usual New York Fashion Week show and took advantage of Instagram instead to show off all 16 looks from his newest Yeezy collection.

Using his wife Kim Kardashian to model them all and to post them on her Instagram, he successfully captured the attention of fashionistas around the world last December. Kim was simply photographed running day-to-day errands such as filling up her gas tank or grabbing some quick bites in paparazzi-style photos to model the new collection.

Then just last week, a bunch of Kim-lookalikes began showing up on Instagram, from influencers to actresses and models, sporting her signature blonde locks and Yeezy wardrobe. What’s going on?!

In a move that’s truly PURE GENIUS,turns out the invasion of Kim lookalikes was part of the Yeezy promotional campaign. Kanye enlisted a swarm of famous faces to recreate Kim’s iconic Yeezy looks to take over social media (and the world) by storm, including one very famous person that (in an ironic twist) Kim used to work with, Paris Hilton. Which of these #KimClones did it best? You decide!

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