Kim Ji Young: Born 1982, the True Image of Women in the Patriarchy System

Causing controversy, Kim Ji Young: Born 1982 is made to support the struggle of women in South Korean society’s life that is thick with patriarchy.

However, the film starring Gong Yoo and Jung Yu Mi was so successful that it was watched by more than 1 million viewers.
Kim Ji-Young: Born 1982 tells the story of Kim Ji-Young’s life who was treated less favorably because she was a woman. Played by Jung Yu Mi, Kim Ji Young has once reprimanded by his father because he was bullied by boys after school. When she was working, Kim Ji-Young could not be promoted by his boss just because he was a woman.
Initially, Kim Ji-Young lived her life quite well, until one day she spoke unnaturally to Jeong Dae-hyeon, her husband, played by Gong Yoo. She talks as if she was someone else and it surprised her husband. Her situation happened so many times that Jeong Dae-Hyeon secretly met a psychiatrist to discuss his wife’s condition.
Director Kim Do-Young was able to create Kim Ji-Young: Born 1982 into a film that is full of meaning as well as tears. The chemistry betweeb Jung Yu Mi and Gong Yoo was able to make the audience even more triggered in the story of Kim Ji-Young: Born 1982. Although the movie is not exactly the same as the novel’s version, but the film Kim Ji-Young is able to convey all the messages from the novel. The film, which also stars senior actress Kim Mi-Kyung, shows the importance of treating women and men alike in various aspects of life, that housewives are not easy jobs, and there is nothing wrong with women working while men look after children at home.
Source: Okezone

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