Kit Kat Introduces Its Birthday Cake

The British chocolate brand Kit Kat introduces its new flavour, Birthday Cake.

The famous tagline “Have a break, have a Kit Kat” brand, is known for having more than a hundred flavours already, from matcha to wasabi, they have it all, but one thing that they missed to have is the birthday cake. Then, to celebrate the release of the latest flavour that they created, Kit Kat created a whole new design packaging for its new baby flavour, birthday cake.
Though Kit Kat that we know and love usually consists of the chocolate and crispy wafer inside, in this care, there will be some extra surprises, with rainbow sprinkles folded onto the chocolate bars. The newest Kit Kat is comprised of a birthday cake-flavoured white crème design, with the aforementioned rainbow sprinkles. Overall, we thought it tasted almost as good as any ol ‘birthday cake, but it’s a treat in its own right.
So can you wait for the newest taste to arrive next month?
Source: USS Feeds

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