Kitchen Talks with Ayana Midplaza’s New Executive Chef, Olivier Piganiol

In line with Ayana Midplaza’s mission to provide memorable and engaging experiences to each and every guests, the hotel is delighted to introduce their newly-appointed Executive Chef, Olivier Piganiol. Having 25 years of career in culinary arts, administration, and international consulting, Chef Olivier came back to Indonesia and is thrilled to share his world-class experiences.


What’s your responsibility as Ayana’s Executive Chef?

“Every day I come here to take of customer’s breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then checking quality of products once they are arriving. Also, creating new menu and dishes for customer. We really focus on our customer’s satisfaction.”

Tell us about your culinary background!

“Around 14 years old, I took a culinary school – it’s an after school activities. I fell in love with it within seconds of the class – then I decided to stop study at school to be able to go to training ship. In France, it’s very common for a chef to be born from a training ship, instead of a culinary school. I did that training ship for four years.”

What did you learn from it?

“You know when you started doing a job, you would think about ‘how can I ace this and become the best on this field?’ – but what I learned there was all about your basic food, basic technique, and forces yourself to be the best chef. I kept learning even after years later.”

What’s your course specialty?

“I’m much more concerned for different approach now. You can’t go to a place where the food is fantastic, but lacking atmosphere, for example. I don’t want to focus only on the plate, but also concern about the guests’ experience. I don’t think about the plate only, but much broader to the concept. But yeah, my specialty is definitely everything about fine dining, because it’s my training.”

Your best concern when you creating a menu?

“I think it needs to be balanced. I want everything to fit and complement each other. Also, to make the food and wonderful food for the customer. You see, so many times people creating dishes to please themselves, while at the end of the day, we have to please the customer.”

After years back in the kitchen, and now as an executive chef, how do you handle difficult situation?

“Every job has its own difficulties. But for me, it is actually the first time you do something new. The first time you cook in the kitchen, or perhaps the first time you serve to the guest.”

Any memorable experience during your service in Indonesia?

“Yeah, yeah, definitely! It was at Bogor Palace, for a meeting between Indonesia and USA Presidents. I arranged glasses for cocktail party in the room right beside the meeting hall. And suddenly all glasses jumped and scattered on the floor. The securities ran over, but it was all good after that. We cleaned up the mess quickly.”

The happiest part of your job?

“It’s always about giving pleasure to customer.”


Writer: Adhinda Latifa

Editor: Olivia Elena
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Location: Ayana Midplaza 

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