Know the Best Pedestrian-Friendly City in the World

Truth be told, Jakarta has a poor condition of pedestrian lane – because the pavement is sometimes used as another activity rather than walking. That’s why the government is working hard to widen the pedestrian path and make it quite comfortable, hoping people will walk more in the near future. Maybe we can learn a little from these cities below which are pedestrian-friendly for tourists.

Melbourne, Australia

You can stroll around freely without being scared of the vehicles, because the sidewalks are super friendly

Buenos Aires, Argentina

While you walk around, you will find a lot of street arts. And the beautiful, old buildings are very instagenic too.

Paris, France

You will not get bored when strolling in the Paris main street because all you have to see is the beautiful scenery of the City of Lights.

Marrakech, Morocco

As one of the UNESCO World Heritage city lists, Marrakech has many interesting places that can be visited by feet.

Vancouver, Canada

You will not feel tired by walking around the city because the public transportation is very public friendly and there is map for pedestrians.

New York City, USA

Although it’s crowded 24/7, walking around NYC is never a dull moment. The crowd is actually making you feel alive. Period.


Source: Mister Aladin

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