Konsumma: The Established Art Collective Space

You’re probably unfamiliar with the name, but Konsumma is one of the most promising communities on the scene. Letter F had an encounter with the Co-Founder of Konsumma, Rizki, and its marketing, Juda, a moment before they started their third event, Katarsis, at The Room, Monopoli Hotel, Jakarta. Konsumma’s name was found within the daily consumption in life – Rizki told us that ‘the consumption’ is needed in life, such as air, food, water, etc. It’s like a journey to please your 360-degrees sense of experiences. They want the audience to consume all the sense in the body, start from eyes, nose, ear, and lead to others. Quite an explanation, huh? Let’s hear it more about Konsumma, from Rizki and Juda themselves!

For those who are unfamiliar with Konsumma, can you explain what it’s all about?

Rizki: “We formed Konsumma because we have the same passion in arts. We are actually not only focus on music, but in the next step we are hoping to have a broader aspects in art. We probably will do a collaboration with local artists, like painter or visualizer, but yeah we are now focusing on music. Konsumma itself was formed on December 2017, and we are still growing as we are still a baby. We grow fast together because our team has one vision and mission in passion. All though we have different roles in the team, at the end we have the same focus in art. Well you can call us a community.”

Still focusing on music, what kind of genre that Konsumma bring?

Rizki: “Underground scene music caught our attention lately, but for the next we want to absorb any kind of music that’s in sync with our vision, such as disco or house. And we don’t want our music to be limited only to youngsters, but also to the elderly music enthusiasts.”

Juda: “We actually try to introduce underground music. I mean, lots of people think that underground music is too dark or something, but we slowly introduce them to the fact that we are just ordinary people with an ordinary music taste, which is underground. It’s the kind of music that you can enjoy in your spare time too.”

So how’s the divided team in Konsumma?

Rizki: “There are 9 of us and 4 of them are talents. They’re not only DJ, but also in a band, as a bassist. And the rest of us are mostly about design, public relation, and marketing. We’re just like any other community.”

Truthfully, how did you start it? Through event?

Rizki: “It was on Christmas Eve last year, when we held our first event. The location was at House of Rooftop, in Kuningan, Jakarta. At that time, it was only three of us; me, head talent, and designer. We discussed about making some platform that can grasp any kind of art. But yeah, our first event was music event.”

Juda: “We already had 10 events during these 8 months.”

And how was the reaction so far?

Rizki: “Actually you can say it was a mixed reaction. The feedback was pretty good somehow. We really appreciated the feedback from our crowd, or partners.”

Juda: “That, and we are not that idealist, so we took the feedbacks from others to make us even better.”

Rizki: “We gotta be realistic by balancing what crowd want and our own idea.”

What’s your ultimate goal for Konsumma later?

Rizki: “Ultimate goal? We want to grasp worldwide crowd. Then again, we probably will tap on fashion scene soon, making our own merchandise brand. Yet, we want to get known as an independent art collective, but not only in Indonesia, but for the world. It might gonna be a long road, that we gotta believe in ourselves but then again, the process itself we have to appreciate. We’re getting there slowly.”



Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena
Photographer: Ganang Arfiarfi
Digital imaging: Dela Naufalia 
Videographer: Iqbal Safei
Location: Monopoli Hotel



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