Ksenia Senko: The Face of Bali Contemporary Artist

Born in Saint-Petersburg, Ksenia Senko just naturally falls into the embracing world of arts since her childhood. She pursued a tropical haven for the dwelling place of her arts – and she found it in Bali. Letter F digs into the beautiful mind of the young artist.

Hi, Ksenia! What are you up to lately? What projects that keep you busy these days?
Well, for the past months I was busy with my latest collection, Emotional Splash. It’s been exhibited at Metis Restaurant & Gallery, in Bali this August. It was super nice and the result was really amazing! The collection is about Feelings, Emotions and Instincts – I used big canvases, colourful splashes and animals painted in a transparent-effect way

Tell us about your first encounter with the island of Bali and how it inspires your work!
It happened 7 years ago, and I came just for 9 days and traveled the whole island on a scooter. Waking up everyday in different places with a stunning views, endless ocean and amazing nature around…the experience never leave my heart and mind. Later when I was not in Bali, I realised that I had left my heart there; I started to dream a lot about an island life and draw it in my sketch book. So for the next 6 months, I just moved there and started to work with big canvases and oil paints.

How do you get inspirations for your arts?
My inspiration comes from everyday life situations. I always pay attention to unique faces, fun stories, I like to see nice colours combinations just around me and bring them to my art. (The rest my imagination does and i see the story i want to paint in my head). I believe that arts have to invoke emotions in a mind and keep you thinking or dream.

Do you have any influence in fashion/beauty? What’s your personal style like?
I have been in fashion since my 19th and used to travel a lot as a model. I worked in NY, Europe and  Asia – of course the experience has influenced me a lot. When you are always surrounded with the most creative people – designers, photographers, stylists and houses of couture – you see life differently. It’s all about creation! Which is perfect for me!

About my style, I call it Senko style! Ha – ha! I do really love dresses, oversized t-shirts and jeans. I feel very comfortable wearing huge jackets and shorts. I try to not wearing  black; it’s been enough when I used to live  in Paris! I’d rather wear everything white and mix it with super colourful sneakers. About beauty, I pay attention for facial care, not makeup! I think a smile and healthy looks are the best cosmetic!

Besides creating arts, what are your other passion in life (if any)?
Since I was  little, I always tried to do something with my clothes; I paint it or change the form in a mission to give them a new life. And I do really love swimming. I did it professionally before, but now, it’s just as a hobby and meditation. I don’t know why, but when I swim, I get lots of nice ideas. And this autumn, I want to start my clothing brand, Senko The Label, which will be focused on painted denim and swimwear with a cool prints that I painted.


What are the things that you pursue in life right now?
Right now I’m travelling and collecting new stories and doing sketches for a new collection. My current inspiration theme is SPORT

What’s the most interesting moment in arts that you get along the way?
I found myself!

Can you share your personal beauty/fashion secret to our readers?
As I said before, I pay attention for facial care. I do like very natural and glowy look. I adore masks for face & body  that I make myself from all natural products and oils, and also the rule of 3S: Sleep, Sport & Sex 🙂 

What’s your philosophy in life?
Always move and don’t stop!


Muse Ksenia Senko @kseniasenko
Photographer Weda Sattya @wedasattya
Stylist Caroline Meliala @carolinemeliala
Makeup Artist Nata Mirkina @mirkina1
Interview Olivia Elena Hakim @oliphviola

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