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Meet the hippest hijabi fashion bloggers in the game, Yulia Rahmawati, or better known as The Lady Yulia. She is the owner of and her fashion blogging schedule and activity have been the major part of her daily routine for 8 years, and still going strong. Like many stylish influencers, Yulia is no exception of having a tomboyish childhood memory. But now, Yulia knows the key of perfect layering look.

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With all the busy to-do list to tick, tell us what’s new with you?
“Now I’m a freelance fashion stylist, and I’m still busy running my blog. But I also have a social project with my friends called Toko Mantan. It’s basically about selling secondhand stuff and donate the sale to and we gonna donate the entire sales to inland children in Banten. We’re still spreading the awareness about the ongoing project.”

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So when exactly you interested in blogging?
“It all started when I just entered at uni. In 2009, I stumbled upon Diana Rikasari’s blog and I thought to myself that blogging was kind of fun. Because at first, I had this idea that blog was more like an online diary and such. But Diana’s blog content was so fresh and fun, so I was inspired to make one since my enthusiasm towards fashion has already been growing. And when I decided to make my own blog, I still had no particular intention – it was purely to share my fashion choices.”

When the word fashion comes to mind, what does it mean for you?

“For me, fashion is the items. How you elaborate the items into your character and eventually as your personal style is more important. People can have the same amount of items, yet their style will be different to each other.”

“I like everything about fashion when I was in college. The younger me preferred a tomboyish style; I didn’t even like wearing girly clothes. And I just started wearing hijab too, and I got so many references from my surroundings and from the internet.”

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Do you find any difficulties when you started your blog as a hijaber, to mix and match your wardrobe?
“Hmm for mix and match? I didn’t find any significant difficulties about it. Frankly speaking, I don’t really pay attention whether what kind of clothes that I have to wear everyday. My little secret is my confidence to rock them all. I found this one global blogger who is not like any other fashion bloggers, and she managed to rock every outfit she wore. This whole thing about confidence really plays a big part as a fashion blogger.”

What’s your 101 when it comes to layering?
“You have to make sure your proportion. If the outerwear is way too baggy, then wear slimmer pants. (The tendency is) nowadays people know how to wear oversize clothes and pants at the same time and pull a stylish look. I think you also have to be confident in what you’re wearing.”

Please share to us about your makeup and skincare routine?
“I’m a flexible kind of person, so when I feel like putting on my makeup, so I will. For my daily makeup, I prefer a no-makeup makeup. I prefer to focus on my outfit to my makeup. But when I’m required to doll up for an event, I like to explore more my eyes or lips. I don’t really like bold makeup, it makes me look mean-ish. And as for my hair, I wash my hair religiously. Or maybe go to the salon once a month for a hair treatment.”

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Other than fashion, what else does your ambition lie?
“I have a lot of wishes! I want to have my own clothing brand, also manage a kindergarten because I love kids. Lately, I helped my friend to teach in her kindergarten. And for the near future, I want to volunteer myself to that kind of stuff; being active in social activities keeps me alive.”

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Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Videographer: Iqbal Syafei
Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
MUA and Hairdo: Nadia Renata
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Wardrobe: Day and Night, KOMMA, NOHO, LOVO, and Extricate, available at

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