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When it comes to showbiz industry, the country has a lot to offer. Not only actors, actresses or singers who take the stage, but also dancers. Though unlikely as it may sound, dancers who wear hijab, our muse, Siti Hajar Riska Ariyanti breaks the stigma. Dancing even brought her a better purpose; Riska – her nickname, pulled off a hijab beauty pageant and ended up in the big 8 finalist. The rising hijabi influencer caught our eyes and we are so excited to learn more about her!

Hello, Riska. Please tell us more about yourself.

“People usually call me Riska. As a hijabi model and influencer, I’m also a dancer and I teach dancing for high schoolers. Aside from blogging and dancing related activities, I also focus on my online business, which is a handmade lens cap holder. When I was a kid, I was a ballerina and also participated in the cheerleading activity during high school. In 2011, I joined an after-school activity related to art and that’s when I learned about dancing, with all choreography and the moves. After that, I joined in a dancing team, and eventually studied about hiphop in Senayan. I love practicing new dance moves and that was when I auditioned to be a professional dancer. After I passed the audition, I grew more eager to study further about various dancing moves. I also assisted my seniors to create dance moves in SMA 8 Jakarta and until now, I still love my side job as a dancing coach.”

You also love participating in beauty pageants, so any story to share about being a hijabi and the beauty pageants?

“I honestly didn’t feel confident to join beauty pageants before I became a hijabi. When I put the veil on, I somehow felt more confident to explore the competition. My decision to wear hijab happened when I was reading a verse in the holy Quran about the correlation of being a woman and wearing hijab, and that’s where I found a calling to wear it. Though shocked at first, my family and friends happily supported my decision.”

“My mother encouraged me to participate the Hijab Hunt competition last year. I wasn’t sure at first, but I followed my mom’s wish and alhamdulillah I made it to the final round. And from the many beauty competitions, it helps me to gain more confidence and knowledge.”

Are there any differences or maybe difficulties for you in terms of dancing?

“Of course, there are lots of difficulties. I, myself, was unsure to continue dancing after I decided to wear hijab. But since it was the skill that I was always good at, I kept on doing and performed traditional dance. And I showed my dancing skill in Hijab Hunt audition and I could prove that dancing isn’t just about wearing something sexy. I want to show others that being a hijabi doesn’t limit your ability in any field, not only dancing.”

siti hajar bomagz11

Any style adaptation when you first wore hijab?

“I was super confused at the beginning, which clothes to wear and what not. I even borrowed my mother’s clothes. It was when I joined the hijab competition that I learned how to mix and match and I also developed a love for sneakers. I love wearing them so much, and I rarely put on high heels.”

With the many knots and styles in wearing hijab, what’s your fave one?

“I honestly prefer to wear a simple style. What matter is whether the style suits you or not. And the comfortability. Because when you aren’t comfort with your hijab style, then you feel less confident. Always remember that your confidence is above any style. Beauty is within your own character.”

Makeup wise, what’s your fave look?

“I wasn’t fond of makeup few years back, but currently I become more aware. As far as a good makeup look, I love it when I perfectly draw my eyebrows and eyeliners. (laughs) Lipstick wise, I like bold color than nude ones. Oh, smokey eyes always do justice to me when I need it.”

siti hajar bomagz22 siti hajar bomagz21

You participated in many beauty pageants, how have the experiences changed you so far?

“I pay more attention in the way I present myself, and the thing is my personality grows fonder, and I’m not afraid to try new things. In terms of dancing, I’m now a main dancer and I think it’s a great development within myself. The last one, I can dream big and gradually reach for it.”

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Videographer: Iqbal Syafei
Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
MUA&Hairdo: Nadia Renata
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Wardrobe: Needlework, Black Ribbon, NOHO The Label, DHARA, Komma The Label, and Lovo, all available at

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