Latest Food-Tech: One Sticker Only to Preserve Your Fruits

Fruitarian is so hot right now… and latest technology gives a more sophisticated way to preserve your fruits.


Thousands of fruits, so many taste and texture to choose from! For fans of fruit from around the world, the struggle to keep them fresh is real. You know what, a Malaysia-based company created a simple sticker that can preserve fruit longer when it’s put on the surface.
Meet Stixfresh, who guarantees freshness more than 14 days! It’s 100% organic and perfect for apple, pear, avocado, dragonfruit, kiwi, mango and orange. How does it work? The sticker can interfere with the ripening of the fruit by removing Ethylene hormone.  The sticker took four years of concept development, but finally gained its success in Malaysia – and soon, the US! The team is now developing stickers for vegetables.
Source: Okezone 

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