Legiteamate Art Tees: Arris Aprillo x Hans Marley

Every early bird always works hard before 9am, but for every artists’ world –especially in Arris Aprillo’s, work never ends. From morning to night to dawn to morning again. And The F Thing is very fortunate to have a collab with this talented local artist.

Arris is an illustrator of his own Studiomili and also a cafe owner of That’s Life Coffee. Amidst the business and the art world, Arris never lost his signature touch when it comes to drawing. Having animal representations for all his artwork, part of his style inspired by Ghibli Studio, Alfonso Mucha and Raden Saleh. “It’s not how you made an artwork, but why.”

Worn by muse Hans Marley, the black long sleeve sweater looked something that indeed produced by Ghibli: an owl – a Workaholic – a reflection of current human workstyle.

Be the highest bidder of Legiteamate Art Tees by Arris Aprillo starts in December 4th at The F ThingThe auction is part of The F Thing’s CSR program that will be donated to appointed charity.

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