Legiteamate Art Tees: Arya Mularama x Amelia Bunjamin

Arya Mularama (@aryamularama) is one of the artists who were chosen to draw on Legiteamate shirt for the collab between The F Thing and Artotel during the Artotel Art Week last November. After the tee was drawn, The F Thing appointed 12 muses to wear the shirt. Arya’s creation was worn by the ever so stylish Amelia Bunjamin.

The blonde haired girl was very fond of the shirt, “I’m so into black and white and doodle. It’s so cool and it’s a really, really good one.” Arya also confessed that his drawing is open to any kind of interpretations. “I was inspired by the words on the shirt itself, ‘Don’t let society label you’. I made characters who can be anything with heads in different size and shape. So it’s like a message that you can be whatever you want.”

Be the highest bidder of Legiteamate Art Tees by Arya Mularama starts in December 4th at The F ThingThe auction is part of The F Thing’s CSR program that will be donated to appointed charity.

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